Rob Kelly (Widley, near Waterlooville) 11/10/19 

“What a difference a coaching session makes!! Thank you so much for your help.”

Ron Yuen (Hong Kong and Southampton University) 13/3/18 

Thank you for your help over the past 6 months. I learnt a lot from you. 

Jackie Ellis (Clyffe Pypard, North Wilts) 18/2/18 

Jackie suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and plucked up every ounce of courage she could muster to make her debut on the World Ladies Billiards and Snooker circuit last year. She has now played two events, won two matches and collected a runner-up trophy in the Seniors. 

She said: “It’s all down to you and your help and support. I would not be doing this if it wasn’t for you.”

Robert Herridge (pool player from Lee-on-Solent) 9/2/18 

A huge thanks -  I’ve never got to the quarter finals, (or even close), let alone the semi-finals, and ultimately I was one frame from the final.  

It was me who potted the balls, but it was you, and everything you taught me, that was in my mind when I got down to the shot. I can’t say thank you enough.

Robert Herridge (pool player from Lee-on-Solent) 25/4/17

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the coaching. Tonight our team met up for a few practice games and we played ‘winner stays on’. Normally I might win a game or two, maybe three, before being deposed off the table, but tonight I was undefeated for four and a half hours! Our team vice captain asked what I was doing differently."

Jamie McLean (Wiltshire) 18/10/16

"Had a great lesson with Tim today. Very impressed. Just the little things you are doing wrong, found it straight away and give me a new direction to go. Big up Tim. Very happy."

Barry Martin and friends (Pitton, Wilts) 19/5/16

"I had nothing but good comments after you had left about the content and the way you present.

"It gave us exactly want I had hoped for and I thought the way you amended the delivery to the audience was the sign of a real pro!"

Andy Webb (West End) 19/4/16

"Thanks for yesterday's session and the summary notes. Your input was invaluable."

Roger Holden (Chichester) 29/2/16

"The lesson was excellent, you cleared up some things which have been a mystery for decades!"

Richard Fullard (Poole) 3/6/15

"I thought you conducted the session in a most professional manner. My snooker continues to improve so I am most grateful for your coaching."

Barry Doswell (Waterlooville) 9/5/15

"Thank you so much for your coaching experience. My 30 (break) today wouldn't have been possible without it."

Marc Lockley (Waterlooville) 8/3/15

Marc filmed a session at his club when he made his first century break.

 "I'd like to thank you for helping me get my first century at the age of 51! It might not be a big thing for the better snooker players but it was a nice milestone for me and one I never thought I would reach at this stage of life. I went over to the video and you guessed it, the battery had run out on 17."

George Hill (Totton) 8/2/15 

“I have been playing snooker for over twenty years, and although I have improved, I didn't seem to be getting very far. This year I decided to get some help and found Tim's website. Tim is very friendly and has a patient coaching style. I have learned more in the two coaching sessions than I have over the past twenty years. I leave each session a better, more confident and motivated player. Thanks Tim.”

Steven Bennett (Chichester) 3/2/15

"I really enjoyed the lesson last night and learnt so much."

Tony Granger (Hampshire) 20/11/14

"It was very interesting & certainly gave me plenty of food for thought."

John Hartley (competitions director at the English Association of Snooker & Billiards) 31/5/14

“I admire your commitment to the junior players in your area. If only there were 100’s of Tim Dunkleys doing the same around the country – and this sport would be huge.”

Ollie Hutchings (Whitchurch) 26/5/14

"Thank you for training and teaching me snooker for the skill section of my Duke of Edinburgh Award last year. I have now passed all areas and have successfully completed the scheme."

Sean Matthews (Southampton) 8/12/13

"The time with you today has given me renewed passion for the game and also lots to think about."

Ally Pollard (Fordingbridge) 7/11/13

"It's just amazing how far my game has come on the last three months."

Steve Wheatland (Bishopstoke) 27/9/13

Steve won the £1,000 top prize in the year-long Chandler’s Ford SC Roll-Up. He said: “(The coaching) has helped immensely. It’s given my game that extra little push.”  

Colin Rogers (Pewsey, Wiltshire) 14/9/13

"Many thanks for your time and patience yesterday. I must say how much I enjoyed our lesson."

Graham Martin (Bournemouth) 24/2/13

“(It has) helped greatly already. Can’t thank you enough.”

Ian Hills (Fleet) 19/2/13

"I had my first session with Tim last night and can only commend him on his approach. Tim was able to teach me a number of things, in quite a short period of time, that I hope will make a difference to my game. He was patient, explained everything as we went along (what we were doing, why we were doing it etc) and made a point of ensuring that I clearly understood each point before moving on. I'm very happy to say that this was both fun and useful - I am absolutely astounded at the value for money. Thanks Tim."

David Sawyer (Winchester) 15/2/13

"Thank you for all the help you have given me so far. I have felt a huge difference in my game so it is very much appreciated."

KH (Hampshire) 9/12/12 

"(It’s) transformed the way I felt about my game and cueing. Respect."

Mark Beebe, Luke's dad (Eastleigh) 15/10/12   

"Thanks to you, Tim, for your continuing support/coaching which has no doubt enabled Luke to get to where he is today."

Marc Lockley (Waterlooville) 1/6/12

"Once again, thanks for a great coaching session yesterday." 

David Sawyer (Winchester) 30/1/12

"Thank you for the session on Friday. It was really helpful and enjoyable. I’ve done some more practice using the new grip, stance and bridge and everything feels a lot better."

Kes Petty (Austen’s dad) (Boyatt Wood)

"My wife and I are very grateful to you for all your efforts and dedication in coaching Austen."

Marc Lockley (Waterlooville) 7/10/11

"Thanks for the session yesterday. It certainly brought a new dimension to my thinking process."

Jason Boulton (Portsmouth) 29/6/11

"I thoroughly enjoy the sessions with you Tim, I come away from them with an even greater desire to improve. The knowledge and depth of the game you have is invaluable. And the progress I have made in a few months would have taken years if I was self teaching."

Daniel Hull (Spike’s dad) 18/6/11

“I think what you do is excellent for the kids.”

Richard Fox (Southampton) 26/5/11

“I feel I did benefit more than I was expecting from a first session.”

Jason Boulton (Portsmouth) 21/5/11

“Thoroughly enjoyed today’s session. Feeling like I have some direction with my snooker now. Thanks again, Tim.”

Matt Steer (Fleet) 1/3/11

“Thanks Tim, I really appreciated your help today. Cheers again for your time and wisdom!”

Mark Willcocks (Bitterne) 5/11/10

“Thanks Tim. I really think you hit on some good relevant points. Thanks for your time. It was very enjoyable.”

Simon Elliott (Isle of Wight) 16/10/10

“Thank you for the coaching session, I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to my first solo session to put into practice what I have learnt.”

Kevin Wheeler (Whitchurch) 6/6/10 

I had a fantastic time yesterday! Thank you so much for the lesson! You could probably tell that I was really enjoying myself and absorbing as much as I could from the lesson! I thought your coaching style was fantastic. I have read your notes, which are very clear and concise, and am now looking forward to practising the drills that you gave me! (And also to the upswing in my game!)

From Nick Miles (Fawley) 28/9/10

“The loosening of the grip has/is definitely going to pay dividends. I certainly feel more in control now and have been potting really well. I still feel that Thursday was a quantum step, Tim. Many thanks for that.”

From Sam Irving (Portsmouth) 7/6/10

“You were great yesterday. I feel you’re a good teacher and you seem to have the right mentality, approach and you communicate the points across very well. Things have already improved! My long game has suddenly come to life - that I guess is down to the straighter cueing action. Thanks again and I look forward to the next one.”

Gordon Webb (Southampton) 20/12/09

“I enjoyed our two hours today and would like to thank you. This evening, I played for two and a half hours going over the points we covered and practising the line up. I was amazed at the accuracy of some of my shots. I did not always get position but I noticed a definite big improvement in the accuracy of shots.”

From Darren Harper (Portsmouth) 17/12/09

“My game has improved and I think I played best game of my life on Tuesday.”


Cuestars director John Hunter (22/6/11)

“You’ve done a fantastic job again this season.”